June 2021

Taking Notes With the Livescribe Smartpen

The Livescribe Smartpen captures everything you write and what is voiced. Inside the dog pen is actually a camera which requires a photo of your written remarks as you write these people down. Very low built-in recorders, which allows you to record exactly what is being explained then playback the recording eventually. If you determine not to consider audio paperwork, you are able to record audio and then replay the… Read More »Taking Notes With the Livescribe Smartpen

New Way to Outsource HUMAN RESOURCES

HR solutions can be defined as the management of human resources, including performance appraisal and recruitment of individuals in to suitable positions in the firm. It is also a function of ensuring that each the employees will be paid all their salaries punctually and in total and they receive their entitlements to public holidays, suffering leaves and also other benefits. The HUMAN RESOURCES department could be divided into different departments… Read More »New Way to Outsource HUMAN RESOURCES